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So apparently we were spot-on about Grant’s family being a well respected political family

I really don’t like Skye being so vindictive about the things Grant told her in confidence.  Yes, I understand that she thinks he was lying about the whole thing and thinks he’s lying now, but Skye knows just as well as anyone that people keep secrets and that men with money are usually the best liars. And so while I understand her behavior, I certainly don’t like it, and I honestly think that Skye does believe him and is needling him to get him to slip up and admit that it was a lie, which he won’t do because it’s not a lie.

But the fact that Grant’s family is ‘beloved’ and the fact that he knows that, that he’s so conscious of image and all of that, speaks volumes about his character and really does make me think that the writers are on here reading fanon speculation


Look here’s why I love Ward in this new sneak peak.

Ward here does not make up excuses for what he did, he killed people and he has done horrible things and he accepts that he made those choices. But at the same time Ward also is self aware now that he is not the monster that Garrett made him think to be, he understands that he was torn down as a kid by his family and this guy came and built him back up but in doing so he manipulated him and turned him into this person that Ward never wanted to be, he can understand that becoming this person was not his fault, but he can also understand that even though Garrett’s hand was on the trigger, it was Ward who made the choice to pull the trigger. 

This is someone who accepts the bad he has done but also understands that the person Garrett made him to be is not the person he wants to be. This is someone on the way to redemption. 


The mystery of Skye’s parents.


'I don't blame him for the choices I've made'

'My family tore me down, Garrett built me back up, the way he wanted'


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Skyeward in Making Friends and Influencing People. (2x03)

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AoS + text posts [7/?]

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier + trivia

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Would you even want a solo Hawkeye film? (x)

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wolverine fisting you when suddenly

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